The current COVID-19 pandemic is particularly challenging for many of us and implies some uncertainties in the psychological, social and also economic context. The “social distancing” that is certainly required at the moment alone demands considerable discipline and renunciation of important habitual social activities. For some people, the current situation may trigger anxiety and depressive phases.

It seems important to me to find the balance between appropriate self-protection and responsible protection of other fellow human beings on the one hand and disproportionate isolation, over-protective pre-layer and fear on the other. Every death is tragic but, in addition to mortality rates, let us not overlook the number of people who have recovered and the epidemiological estimate that SARS-CoV-2 infection is likely to progress with mild symptoms and complete remission in about 85%.

Ultimately, however, the “coronavirus crisis” also offers opportunities for inner reflection, constructive self-reflection, and the awareness that we have taken many things for granted and perhaps not appreciated them sufficiently. We may also become aware of the limits of economic growth, our own vulnerabilities and sometimes excessive demands. This awareness may contribute to changed perspectives and reorientation, such as pride in defying the crisis, creativity to get and stay in touch with others, higher connectedness to our partners, loved ones and friends, and clarification of who is important to us and to whom.

In the last weeks I had offered psychological support and counseling by phone or online (using ZOOM) because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since the beginning of May 2020, I consider again the much more advantageous personal care – of course, taking into account the hygienic and health protective measures.

With best wishes and stay healthy.

Nils Beer